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  • Divorce Attorneys & Professional Search Directory - Use our easy search to locate Divorce Attorneys, Mediators, Financial Planners, Accountants, Appraiser/Valuators, Therapists/Counselors, or Private Investigators. Select your State and County to find the professional services you require.

  • Divorce Lawyers By State - Find Divorce Lawyers near you with our easy to use state and county guide.

  • Net Detective - Is your spouse or ex hiding income or assets?  Net detective can help you find that information.

Online Divorce

  • Divorce Forms & Separation Agreements - Locate per state: Divorce Forms to process an uncontested divorce, separation agreements, wills, and more.

  • Online Divorce - For help and information without the divorce attorneys and their fees, this page will help you get started on filing your own divorce.

  • Do It Yourself Divorce - Do it yourself kits, information, and articles.  A "How to Guide".


  • Divorce Articles by State - Review divorce law articles written for your state by attorneys from your state.

  • Divorce Books - Books written by divorce attorneys to assist you in the whole divorce process. The more you know now, the better prepared you will be to make the necessary decisions in the future.

  • Divorce Essentials - If there is one book you should buy to help you get the divorce information you need, this is it. Get more information here than after spending several hours with divorce attorneys and their hourly fees.

  • Publications and Helpful Information - Many of these books have been written by divorce attorneys for consumers.  They will assist you in cutting your legal fees and proactively managing your own case.  They will, in short, provide you with all of the basics, without you spending thousands on attorneys fees.

  • Free Divorce Book Demo - Get a preview of the number one essential book for divorce.

  • New York Divorce Information - "Divorce and Separation New York - The Law, The Process and You" provides you with a with a single information source on the Divorce and Separation process in New York State in an easy-to-read plain English format.

  • Articles  - Articles for consumers on every issue that can arise in a Divorce or Separation, including child support articles, child custody articles, alimony articles, property distribution articles, articles on selecting an attorney and navigating the court system, and more.

  • Manuals  - Here you will find Manuals written on all of the important issues confronting you during divorce.

Custody of Children

Child Support Issues

  • Child Support Laws - View child support laws for your state.

  • Child Support Calculations - Find child support calculators here and get information on how you are going to manage the divorce and the support bills to follow.

  • Child Support Collection - Get help collecting your unpaid child support. Receive moneys owed to you without the frustrations of taking your ex to court. There are services available to assist you in collecting child support that do not require that you pay an attorney by the hour, and in some cases there are no fees.

Financial Calculators

  • Financial Calculators - See a complete list of all our financial calculators to help you better understand your finances as you progress through a separation, divorce or child custody.


  • Spousal Support State Laws - Research spousal support laws by state.

  • Property Distribution State Laws - Research property distribution laws by state.

  • Financial Planning - With our divorce planning software you can get plan to sell your home, plan for college, calculate support over time, and more.

  • Pension Valuation  - Find out more about your pension rights and how to value a pension here.

  • Credit Issues - If you were struggling with a high debt load before Divorce or Separation, your financial stress afterwards may be increased. See how you can get through this more easily.

  • Government Resources - Check out all of the resources available to you online, including the IRS website, the Social Security website, and more.

  • Divorce Research Resources - Legal Research Resources for the consumer involved in divorce.

  • Net Detective Investigations - Private investigators are often used in matrimonial matters as you go through the difficult process of separation or divorce, as well as a service called Net Detective that is used by many private investigators.

Services for Professionals


  • Relationship Books - Find books available for purchase on line dealing with make-ups, break-ups, and everything in between with relationships.

  • Save Your Marriage - Powerful proven techniques you will master to save your marriage or relationship from a divorce or breakup.

  • Personals - Make new friends and find new love connections here.

  • Infidelity, Affairs, and Adultery - What do you do about an affair?

  • Relationship Help  - Relationship Help for the marriage at risk.

  • Relationship Advice  - Advice Column from nationally syndicated authors, Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

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