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Innocent Spouse Tax Relief
Tax Status: Head of Household/Married Filing Single/Joint Returns
Earned Income Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Code maintains a site where Frequently Asked Tax Questions and Answers are posted. You can find information on the Earned Income Tax Credit, Head of Household filing status, child care tax credits, and more.  To access the site, follow the link below.  

IRS Tax Help

Social Security Issues

Do you know your rights to Social Security Benefits after Divorce?  The Social Security Administration has an online service that provides answers to many of the questions that you may have, including:

  • How does a divorced spouse qualify for benefits?

  • Can I receive benefits on a divorced spouse's record?

  • Can I request a Statement of my benefits on my divorced husband's record?

  • What are the requirements for a divorced spouse to receive benefits?

  • If I remarry, after being married to 10 years, which spouse receives benefits?

  • Can my ex-spouse get some of my Social Security benefits?

Follow the link below to the Official Social Security Site and go to the Frequently Asked Questions Area.  Type in Divorce under the "Text Search" and you will find the Answers to all of these questions and many more.

Social Security Administration

International Issues

The United States Department of State Office of Children's Issues provides a website for information purposes.  This site contains much useful information, including data on international adoption and a link to the full text of the "Hague Convention", which governs the determination of many international custody disputes, as well as information on enforcing Child Support abroad.  Follow the link below to the State Department site and the full text of the Hague Convention.

State Department News

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The American Bar Association has prepared a number of fact sheets, or articles, to assist the consumer in educating themselves on various aspects of the law. On of those fact sheets describes alternatives to litigation in Family Law Matters. The article defines mediation and arbitration and explores the various options available to families that are dissolving. The review the fact sheet, follow the link below.

American Bar Fact Sheets

Child Support Guidelines History

Are you looking for in depth information on the child support guidelines, and some history and background on the Federal Government's role in imposing those guidelines The link below is to a somewhat technical, but very informative and accurate history of the child support guidelines.  Any individual paying child support, receiving child support, or contemplating divorce or separation where children are involved will benefit from reviewing this information.

Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Laws By State

The United States Department of Health and Human Services provides links to all States' child support information websites. The sites listed provide information on the specific State's child support standards act, enforcement and collection information, and more.

Health and Human Services

Vital Records

The National Center for Health Statistics maintains a comprehensive database of State Agencies and all information required by those agencies to obtain Records of Vital Statistics, including certificates of birth, death, and marriage.

Health Statistics

Internet Guide to US Government

The Internet Guide to the US Government is an invaluable resource directory. This site contains a full directory of all offices of each of the three branches of government. The websites and relevant other information of each office are also contained in this index.

The Internet Guide to Government