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Georgia Divorce Residency Requirements

The party filing for a Georgia divorce must have lived in Georgia for at least six months prior to filing.  A party who does not reside in Georgia, may file for a Georgia divorce i if the other party has been a resident of Georgia for six months.

Georgia Divorce Grounds

The grounds for Georgia divorce are as follows:

  • irretrievable breakdown of the marriage;

  • impotence;

  • adultery;

  • conviction of and imprisonment of over 2 years for an offense involving moral turpitude;

  • habitual intoxication and/or drug addiction;

  • confinement for incurable insanity;

  • separation caused by mental illness;

  • willful desertion for 1 year;

  • cruel and inhuman treatment which endangers the life of the spouse;

  • consent to marriage was obtained by fraud, duress, or force;

  • spouse lacked mental capacity to consent (including temporary incapacity resulting from drug or alcohol use);

  • the wife was pregnant by another at the time of the marriage unknown to the husband; and

  • incest.

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