The Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Avoid high legal fees and complicated court proceedings. Our do-it-yourself divorce resources include information that can help you to take control of your divorce process, find the proper divorce forms that you can fill out yourself or have filled out for you, or find a service that will prepare all of your paperwork for you. Whatever your situation, our divorce resources can assist you.

A do-it-yourself divorce should only be undertaken after very careful consideration.  We recommend that you obtain legal counsel to guide you through your divorce process. Divorce law is filled with land mines for the unwary. Your failure to hire an attorney to at least advise you of your rights or to review a basic agreement may cost you dearly later on if an important issue has been overlooked. Having said that, we know that some of you will go it alone anyway. Because we still want to help you through this difficult process, no matter your reasons, we have compiled a list of sites that may be helpful to you.


Do It Yourself Divorce Forms and Separation Agreements

Do-it-yourself divorce requires that you have state specific forms for many of the issues that you will need to address during a divorce or separation. Those forms include separation agreements, forms to process an uncontested divorce, wills, and more.  These are forms that you will have to fill out yourself. 

Forms are available from our Legal Forms service.  This service is a do it yourself divorce forms-only service that will provide state-specific legal forms to assist you with many of the issues that arise in a divorce or separation, including basic wills, separation agreements, uncontested divorce forms, and more.  Our Divorce Forms service does not provide any assistance for the actual preparation, completion, or filing of their forms.  Follow this link to review our available  Divorce Forms..

We also recommend the divorce forms products available at My Divorce Documents for inexpensive and prompt service.

Do it yourself divorce can also be undertaken with the assistance of an online divorce service.  The available services provide you with the forms to fill out, online and in the privacy of your own home or office.  Those forms are then compiled by the service and either provided to you online or mailed to you.  You are given complete instructions on how to complete your online divorce process.  Those instructions include where and how to file your forms and what filing fees to pay.  Click here for online divorce services available from Millennium Divorce.


Calculating Support and Property Division

Do It Yourself Divorce Planning Software

A divorce brings with it many pressing financial issues.  You know them:

  • How much is child support? 

  • Who claims the exemptions? 

  • What's the pension worth? 

  • How should we divide our debts? 

  • Should I do an alimony buy-out? 

  • Should we sell the home? 

  • How much rent can I afford? 

  • What's alimony after tax? 

  • Do I need to go back to work? 

  • How much more do I need to earn? 

  • Can I plan for college? 

  • Which stocks should I take? 

  • Who gets the car? 


For do it yourself divorce, the divorce financial planning software from Split-Up helps you get answers to these pressing questions.  Divorce finances are frightening and confusing.  This software helps you get financial clarity.  In divorce, one is tempted to leave financial decisions to others.  This software helps you take back control.  In divorce, one often makes financial decisions without understanding the implications down the road.  With the Split-Up software's 30 year projections, you can make smarter, more informed financial decisions.  The software is very easy to use.  It works just like the Web.  It comes with detailed explanations of all the questions it asks you, to take away any intimidation factor.  The result is that you can end up with more clarity, more control, and more financial security.  Try Split-Up if you're not 100% satisfied, the company will refund your purchase price.


The prices of the various modules run from $39 to $199 -- even at the high end less expensive than one hour with an attorney -- and very much worth it.


Other (Non-Financial) Issues

Many complex issues may arise during your separation or divorce that have little to do with money. Those issues include your need for proof of your spouse's conduct or your need to investigate whether money has been hidden from you. To undertake simple investigations, we recommend Net Detective.

To obtain complete information on all of the issues of separation and divorce, our e-book The Divorce Primer, is an invaluable resource. For more information on this must-read e-book, Click here now!