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Divorce books at MillenniumDivorce.com give you basic, easy to understand information, right now when you need it.  Many of these books have been written by divorce attorneys specifically for consumers.  They will assist you in cutting your legal fees and proactively managing your own case.  They will, in short, provide you with all of the basics, without you spending thousands of dollars on attorneys fees.

The Divorce Books listed below are a compilation covering the varied interests that our readers have. Some of these books should be read by fathers, some by mothers, many by either parent, and so forth. Take a look and see what addresses your concerns. As always, the more informed you are, the better your results are likely to be.

The Divorce Primer
by Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark

This divorce book contains basic information on all divorce & separation issues, including custody, child support, mediation, separation agreements, the court process, the division of property, and more.



Just Child Support
by Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark

This child support book provides a comprehensive analysis of child support, including the Federal Law setting up support formulas, how the formulas are calculated, what is included, and more.



Divorce - No Children
by Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark

This divorce book is for consumers who do not have children and who do not want to pay for a book that extensively covers custody and support, Divorce - No Children is for you. 

Divorce - No Children offers basic information on all divorce & separation issues. Includes a comprehensive outline of the laws in every state pertaining to Divorce, Alimony, and Property Distribution.




Child Support, Custody & You
by Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark

A comprehensive analysis of child support, support formulas, and state laws.



Divorce & Separation - New York; The Law, The Process and You
by Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark

This divorce book provides comprehensive information on New York divorce and separation and was written for the consumer.  Includes issues on New York fault divorce grounds, the New York Court system, New York child support calculator, New York property division, New York spousal support standards, and much, much more.






A Practical Guide to Deciding Whether to Get Divorce
by Karl Augustine

This proven decision making system will help you to make a clear decision about the future of your marriage and your relationship.  Be confident about your decision and choose the right path for you.

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How to Divorce as Friends
by Bill Ferguson

This relationship and divorce book can help you to heal your relationship, one human being to another.

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25 Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers
by Mark Brandenburg

Here's a book that will help you to have happy, productive, and connected kids who listen to you!

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How to Legally Save Thousands on Your Divorce
by Michael Daniel

A contested divorce could cost you between $15,000 and $30,000. You can learn how to slash those fees when you learn the materials in "How To Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce".

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How to Fix Your Wife in Thirty Days or Less
by Mark Brandenburg

Are you serious about improving your relationship with your wife? Are you tired of pointing fingers at each other and being in conflict?.

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Save The Marriage
by Lee Baucom

Don’t give up on your marriage! There is an alternative to divorce.

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Should You Stay or Should You Go
by Susie and Otto Collins

Are you considering divorce?  Here's how to make the best decision.

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1000 Questions For Couples
by Michael Webb

If you knew the answers to these questions, you could save your marriage from the disaster of divorce.

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