Credit Repair & Credit Issues During Or Caused By Divorce

Credit Repair is an ongoing issue for many consumers.  If you were struggling with a high debt load before a divorce or separation, your financial stress afterwards may be even higher. The services listed below can provide you with some control over your credit rating, your credit report, and your debt load and reduce some of that stress.


For more Credit Repair help, Review our Article, "Five Reasons to Check Your Credit Report".

Free Credit Report

Credit repair begins with taking charge of your financial situation.  To do that, you must first obtain a copy of your credit report. You can obtain that information at absolutely no charge at the following sites:

Credit Repair Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Credit is the most complete credit improvement guide on the Internet. This guide has been successfully used by thousands of satisfied customers to quickly and confidently improve their credit. And it includes easy to follow diagrams.

Learn how to stop harassing phone calls, successfully negotiate with your creditors, why not to use the Internet, and what creditors look for. Over 15 proven letters for you to start using immediately.  We highly recommend this resource for anyone needing assistance with their credit.


Consolidate Debt

To obtain complete information on consolidating and/or reducing your debt load, visit any of the following sites:

Bankruptcy Protection

If your debt load has become overwhelming and you wish to explore the possibility or advisability of seeking the protection of the US Bankruptcy Court, visit:

to review the forms necessary to file for Bankruptcy Protection. 

Hidden Assets

If you are concerned about your spouse's financial conduct or believe that your spouse has hidden assets or debts from you, you may easily investigate that information on line. To do so, visit the following site: