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Idaho Child Support

Idaho child support is based upon guidelines for the calculation of  support. The amount of child support arrived at under the Idaho guidelines is presumed correct unless it is shown that such an amount would be inappropriate or unjust. The Court will consider the following factors in determining child support:
  • the financial resources of the child; 

  • the standard of living the child enjoyed during the marriage; 

  • the physical and emotional conditions and educational needs of the child; 

  • the financial resources, needs, and obligations of both the non-custodial and the custodial parent (normally, not including the parent's community property share of the financial resources or obligations with a new spouse);

  • the availability of reasonable medical insurance coverage for the child; 

  • and the actual tax benefits achieved by the parent claiming the federal dependency exemption for income tax purposes.

Idaho child support terminates upon the child’s 18th birthday.

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