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Wyoming Child Support

Child support is based upon official guidelines for the calculation of child support. These Guidelines are presumed to be correct unless there is a showing that the amount would be unjust or inappropriate. A court will deviate from the guidelines only after a consideration of the following factors: 
  • the age of the child; 

  • the cost of necessary child care; 

  • any special health care or educational needs of the child; 

  • the responsibility of either parent for the support of others; 

  • the value of services contributed by either parent; 

  • any pregnancy expenses;

  • visitation transportation costs;

  • the ability of parents to provide health insurance through employment benefits; 

  • the amount of time the child spends with each parent;

  • other necessary expenses for the child's benefit;

  • the relative net income and financial condition of each parent;

  • whether a parent has violated any terms of the divorce decree; 

  • whether either parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed; and

  • any other relevant factors.

Wyoming child support terminates at age 18 or if the child is still enrolled in secondary school, at age 20. No statute or case law holds a parent responsible for college support.

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