Financial Calculators

The calculators listed below are provided by Millennium Divorce to help you better understand your finances as you progress through a separation, divorce or child custody.

A thorough understanding of your own and your ex-spouse's financial situation is an important step towards providing long-term security for yourself and your children.

Child Support Calculators  

Calculate Child Support for Your State and Your Income.


Cash Flow Calculator What do you really spend for Your Categories of expenses.  Plug in any expense you want to track - up to six categories at a time.
Expense Percentage  

What percentage do you really pay? For any Expense? Analyze your support payments, your mortgage payments, and more.


Mortgage and Amortization  

Calculate the payments for your Principal & Interest AND for your Real Estate taxes, PMI, and Homeowners Insurance too!


Mortgage Refinance  

Calculate what your payments will be at a new interest rate.  Find out what you will save in interest over time and how long it will take you to recoup your closing costs if you obtain a lower interest rate.


Mortgage Qualification  

Do you qualify for a mortgage or a mortgage refinance.  Calculate it here.


Credit Card Minimum Payment  

If you make only the minimum payments, what will you pay in interest?  Find out here.


Debt Consolidation  

If you consolidate your debts, your monthly payment may be lower, but you will pay much more in interest over time.  Calculate how much here.


Debt Calculation  

How much time will it take you to pay off your debt and what will it cost you in interest?


Debt Payoff  

How long will it take you to pay off your debt?  What will it cost you in interest?


Life Insurance  

What expenses need to be paid with your life insurance proceeds?  How much do you need?  Find out here.


Retirement Savings  

How much do you need?  What will your expenses be?  What do you need to save now?


College Savings How much will it cost?  What do you have to save to pay your share?  Calculate it here.