Infidelity, Adultery and Affairs in Marriage

Infidelity and adultery have no place in a relationship of trust.  How do you resolve the issues of a marriage and an affair?  There is no other cause of marital breakdown that results in the level of emotional chaos that infidelity causes.  A marriage and affair do not, after all, go together.

What to do about the infidelity and how to deal with your own feelings of anger and betrayal are all issues that must be addressed.  The problem of a marriage and affair is one of the most emotionally trying issues that can confront a couple.  Some marriages survive infidelity.  Most do not.  What do you do?  You get information, and you get help to address your own feelings of outrage. 

In her book, The Anatomy of an Affair, Dr. Reena Sommer, explores why your spouse had an affair.  If you have been cheated on, you don't want to be cheated on again.  Dr. Sommer predicts that if you don't know why it happened in the first place, it will happen again. 

Dr. Sommer shows you why an affair is not about sex and not about being with someone who is younger and more attractive.  There are five different types of affairs and Dr. Sommers explores them all.  She lets you know when you are at risk and helps you to determine if you really want to stay in your relationship after the affair. 

Dr. Bob Huizenga thinks marriage can survive infideltiy.  In his book, How to Expose your Cheating Spouse and Save Your Marriage, he does not recommend traditional methods of dealing with a marriage and affair.    He first assures you that the affair is not your fault.  He then teaches you how to take a position of being in charge of where your relationship is going.

If you believe your spouse is having an affair, review our online detective services which allow you to find the truth out about anyone.  Your own investigation may be crucial in proving infidelity in your marriage.

A cheating spouse can be caught when the computer is used to advance the affair.  Record all emails, all chats and all keystrokes when any computer infidelity or adultery is ongoing.  This powerful tool provides you with total access and total information form the computer being used to conduct an affair.