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The State of Florida has specific child support guidelines for the calculation of child support. In determining if the amount of support arrived at under use of the guidelines is appropriate, the Court will consider the following factors:
  • extraordinary medical, psychological, educational, or dental expenses; 

  • independent income of the child;

  • the custodial parent receiving both child support and spousal support;

  • seasonal variations in a parent's income or expenses;

  • the age of the child, taking into consideration the greater needs of older children; 

  • any special needs of the family; 

  • the terms of any shared parental arrangement; 

  • the total assets of the parents and the child;

  • the impact of the IRS dependency exemption and waiver of that exemption;

  • when the application of the child support guidelines requires a person to pay another person more than 55% of his or her gross income for child support; and 

  • any other adjustment which is needed to achieve an equitable result. 

The Court can also order that one parent provide health insurance for the child , pay education expenses for the child, and/or that a parent purchase a policy of life insurance. Support terminates upon the child’s 18th birthday, or the 19th birthday if the child will graduate from high school by that time.

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