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Wisconsin Child Support

Wisconsin child support is based upon official guidelines and percentage standards for the calculation of support. A Wisconsin Court will also consider the following in determining child support: 
  • the financial resources of the child; 

  • the standard of living the child would have enjoyed if the marriage had not been dissolved; 

  • the physical and emotional conditions and educational needs of the child; 

  • the financial resources, earning capacity, needs, and obligations of the parents;

  • the age and health of the child; 

  • the desirability of the parent having custody remaining in the home as a full-time parent;

  • the cost of day care to the parent having custody if that parent works outside the home, or the value of the child care services performed by that parent;

  • the tax consequences to each parent; 

  • the award of substantial periods of physical placement to both parents (joint custody); 

  • any extraordinary travel expenses incurred in exercising the right to periods of physical placement;

  • the best interests of the child and

  • any other relevant factors.

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