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South Carolina Child Support

South Carolina has official child support guidelines which are presumed to be correct unless one of the following factors requires a deviation from the amount:
  • educational expenses for the child or a spouse;

  • the equitable distribution of property; any consumer debts;

  • if the family has more than 6 children;

  • unreimbursed extraordinary medical or dental expenses of either parent;

  • mandatory retirement deductions of either parent;

  • support obligations for other dependents;

  • unreimbursed extraordinary medical or dental expenses of the child;

  • other court ordered payments;

  • any available income of the child;

  • a substantial disparity in the income of the parents which make it impractical for the non-custodial parent to pay the guideline amount;

  • the effect of alimony on the circumstances; and

  • any agreements between the spouses, if in the best interests of the child.

Support terminates at age 18, or until graduation from high school.

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