Net Detective; Find the Truth Out

Find the Truth Out About Anyone


Net Detective can assist you as you go through the difficult process of separation or divorce.  While you may not have thought you need this type of help, remember that without proper proof and documentation, it may be impossible to prove to the courts that a spouse has hidden assets, maintained separate bank accounts, or conducted business that has not been disclosed to you or your attorney. 
With Net Detective you may be surprised to find that your spouse has purchased real estate with another individual, or even hidden funds in an attempt to thwart the lawful and even division of property. Or you may be surprised to find that your spouse has used his or her e-mail account or Internet access to engage in an illicit relationship, or log onto adult site. If your separation or divorce as led you to seek private investigation services, we recommend using Net Detective

Net Detective provides you with access to volumes of useful information. Has your spouse or ex-spouse disappeared? With this tool you can do people searches online.  Do you need to find your spouse or ex-spouse  to enforce a property division or a support order? Or, do you need to track them down simply to obtain a divorce? Net Detective will provide you with the tools you need to for all of those people searches.

Net Detective is used by many private investigators, and endorsed by the National Association of Independent Private Investigators (NAIPI). Now, it is available for your use, online, at your convenience. To learn more, Click Here.

Cyber Affairs/Computer Investigations

In addition to Net Detective, we recommend other tools to assist you in your divorce or separation process.  Do you suspect that your home computer is being used to engage in a "cyber affair".  Do you have the ability to track what that computer is being used for?  There are a number of software programs that give you the ability to find out what you need to know to give you peace of mind.  The two that we recommend are:

Net Detective's System Supervisor installs on your computer, remains totally hidden and records everything!

Conduct Your Own Background Investigations

Warren Ryan's book on background investigations may have been written for women, but it is easily used by anyone who needs to conduct a background investigation.   In today’s society, the question is not, "Why investigate?" The question is, "Why not investigate?"  "Check Him Out"  is the latest in background investigations and exposing con artists.   To review this book, follow this link:    Check Him Out


Net Detective and all of these other tools can be critical in your divorce and separation process.  Do not be caught by surprise and do not be unprepared.  You need to proactively manage your own divorce or separation process and you can only do so if you use the right tools.