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Maryland Divorce

If the grounds for Maryland divorce occurred within the State, either party may file for divorce in Maryland. If insanity is the grounds for divorce, the residency requirement is increased to two years. If the grounds for divorce occurred outside of the State of Maryland, one of the parties must have lived in Maryland for at least 1 year prior to filing for divorce.

Maryland Divorce Grounds:

The grounds for Maryland divorce are as follows:

  • the spouses have voluntarily lived separate and apart for 1 year without interruption or cohabitation and there is no reasonable expectation of reconciliation;

  • the spouses have lived separate and apart without interruption for 2 years;

  • adultery;

  • deliberate desertion for 12 months with no chance for reconciliation;

  • confinement for incurable insanity of at least 3 years;

  • conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor with at least a 3-year sentence and after 1 year having been served; and

  • cruel and inhumane treatment with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

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