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Idaho Child Custody

Idaho child custody is awarded based upon the best interests of the child. In determining best interests, an Idaho Court will consider the following:
  • the preference of the child;

  • the wishes of the parents; 

  • the mental and physical health of all individuals involved; 

  • the relationship of the child with parents, siblings, and other significant family members; 

  • the child's adjustment to his or her home, school, and community; 

  • a need to promote continuity and stability in the life of the child; and

  • domestic violence, whether or not in the presence of the child.

In Idaho, it is presumed that joint child custody is in the best interests of the child. It will be ordered, unless it is shown that such an arrangement would not be in the child’s best interests or that such a custodial arrangement will not assure the child with frequent and continuing contact with both parents.

If the child is residing with a grandparent, the court may recognize the grandparent as having the same rights to seek custody as a parent.

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