Learn How To Take The Stress Out Of Child Support Collection

Child support collection and enforcement can be an expensive and emotionally draining process.  Worse yet, you probably need the money that should be paid in child support to sustain your basic and necessary expenses.  Adding attorney's fees to your budget for defending child support enforcement is often difficult or impossible when your support is not being paid.

A child support collection bureau is available in most states for assistance in filing for overdue support.  And, those bureaus will also often assist you in court.  Is this as effective as hiring an attorney?  Not always, but there is a trade off in cost to hiring an attorney. 

You can undertake this process yourself.   Before you can enforce or collect back child support, you need to know what is owed.  The Arrears Calculator Company has been checking up on the "experts" who track your child support and they believe that many child support cases are calculated improperly.  Arrears Calculator has set up an easy to use, web interface that allows you to check on the so called "experts" in your County.  Follow the links here and see if you have been mislead.  Is your Child Support Information accurate?  Does the County say you owe more or less support than you think you owe. Go to Arrears Calculator and find out.

For collection, you can also use Legal Match, a free online service with qualified local attorneys who  want to help you with your child support collection and enforcement efforts.  At Legal Match you can read lawyer profiles, find out their ratings and review their fees up front, before you have to meet them.  You can post information about your case and have qualified attorneys make offers on what they would charge to represent you.

If you want to do the basic work yourself, and save tons of money, you can use the services at  Get My Child SupportGet My Child Support will provide you with a "Do It Yourself Guide" for child support enforcement, complete with forms and all of the information you need to file Contempt Proceedings and seek Driver's License Revocation.  This Guide, modestly priced at $14.95 (compare that to the cost of a phone call with an attorney),  is useful if used in conjunction with your own child support collection efforts or to assist you if you are working with your state support collection bureau.

If you would be more comfortable talking to an attorney about child support collection and enforcement, we recommend using our National Database to find a family law attorney in your state and county.