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North Carolina Child Support

North Carolina child support is based upon official guidelines which are presumed to be correct, unless there is a showing that the amount of child support would be unjust or inappropriate. In determining the amount of North Carolina child support, the Court will consider the following: 
  • the needs of the child;

  • the earnings, conditions, and accustomed standard of living of the child;

  • the child care and homemaker contributions of each parent;

  • any joint or shared custody arrangements; 

  • the parents ability to pay;

  • the parent's own special needs, such as unusual medical expenses; 

  • any types of other support provided to the child, such as a residence, payment of a mortgage, payment of medical expenses, provisions for health insurance, or lump sum payments; 

  • a parent's prior child support or alimony obligations; and 

  • any other relevant factors.

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