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Millennium Divorce offers a variety of hosting and internet marketing strategies for divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals.  The services that we provide are listed above.  Our company mission is to bring the tremendous benefits of internet marketing to small and sole law firms and divorce professionals who service our unique industry.

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Web Design and Hosting Package

FREE Millennium Web Design with Attorney or Mediator Advertising

  • Design Available without Listing or Advertising $75

  • Monthly Hosting Fee $15

  • Five Email Accounts (Additional Available)

  • One Time Set Up Fee $25

  • Annual Name Reservation $15

To preview available designs, go to:   Millennium Designs

For information Advertising or Listing go to:  Professional Listings

To speak with a Millennium Representative, call 866-306-7929 or email




Web Hosting Only Package

Reliable, Low Cost Web Hosting

  • Monthly Hosting Fee $15

  • Five Email Accounts (Additional Available)

  • One Time Set Up Fee $25 (For New Websites Only)

  • No Set Up Fee for Transferred Accounts

  • Annual Name Reservation $15

  • FTP and Front Page Extensions

To speak with a Millennium Representative, call 866-306-7929, or email





Professional Listings:

Basic Listing (Attorneys Only) FREE:

  • Name and Address Listing in one county;

Premium Listings; $165 Annually:

  • Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Website Listing in three counties;
  • Placement based on the order in which payment is received for a listing;
  • Submission of Articles for inclusion on your State page;
  • Free Web Page to describe you, your firm and your practice;
  • More cost effective than yellow pages advertising; and
  • Less expensive than other National Listings.

Attorneys - To Submit Your Listing:   Click Here

Divorce Professionals - To Submit Your Listing:  Click Here

To speak with a Millennium Representative, call 866-306-7929, or email

The above listing packages are per attorney.  If you have a need for multiple attorney listings for your firm, contact us for special pricing information.  Special Pricing is available and is based  upon the number of attorneys to be listed per firm.



Personalized Services

Millennium Divorce offers additional personalized internet marketing services for divorce professionals.  If you are interested in a unique design for your professional website, and/or if you are in need of additional marketing services, such as personalized search engine submissions, please contact us at 866-306-7929 or email




Why Internet Marketing

On-line advertising is quickly replacing yellow pages advertising for divorce professionals servicing a mobile society. The hosting and internet marketing strategies we provide are more effective and less expensive than any form of print advertising.  Consumers are seeking information and looking for attorneys, mediators and other professionals to represent them in their family law matters. A recent study indicated that 67% of consumers would conduct a search on the internet for that professional.

Divorce attorneys and divorce professionals who are not advertising on-line are missing out.  As divorce professionals, you will have no choice - to compete you must be present on-line. If you are not, you are passing up the substantial business that is generated through internet marketing.

Given the mobile family dynamics of our society, consumers in other states and other countries are in need of your services. The attorneys who created Millennium Divorce experienced a dramatic increase in business after they began to engage in internet marketing. That business came from out of state consumers involved in Family Law proceedings in state and from local consumers who utilize the internet to find divorce professionals.  Internet advertising is unique in offering a national scope. 

How do you advertise on-line?  Through well-placed internet marketing strategies such as Professional Listings, like those offered on our site. And, by setting up your own website.  Consumers expect and look for web sites to obtain basic information about the professionals that they hire.  If you use a service for your emails that does not include your own name and a reference to your own web site, you are passing up a tremendous business building opportunity.

Why Millennium Divorce?

Millennium Divorce was created by Matrimonial Attorneys and is run by Matrimonial Attorneys who are currently engaged in the practice of Law. We know how to effectively generate business through on-line advertising. We know what consumers are looking for on-line and we know how to drive those consumers to our site and to you.

We engage in paid advertising, search engine position, public relations work, partnering and Newsletter publishing to generate traffic for our Listing Professionals every day.  Our daily visits have exceeded more than 30,000 unique consumers. Many of the consumers visiting our site are specifically seeking attorneys and mediators for representation.  We have more than 60,000 subscribers to our Newsletter, with more subscribing every day.

In addition to generating traffic for the Millennium Site, we have engaged the services of talented consultants and professionals to provide effective, reliable, and low cost web site design and hosting for divorce professionals.  All too often, poor quality or high price has resulted in divorce attorneys and divorce professionals missing out on the significant advantages available to those professionals who do have web sites.  Millennium Divorce has intentionally priced its hosting and internet marketing strategies well below those of many of our competitors.  Our objective is to never simply charge what the market will bear.  Rather, it is our objective to provide a valuable service to as many divorce attorneys and divorce professionals as possible.

Our unique web designs are offered free to attorneys who have paid listings on the Millennium Divorce site.  The web site designs that we offer were created after extensive research into the types of data that consumers are looking for and with the objective of driving consumers from your web site to your office.   



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