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D.C. child support is based upon guidelines that assist the Court in calculating child support. The amount of child support arrived at under the guidelines may be deviated from based on the following: 
  • exceptional needs of the child;

  • if the non-custodial parent's income is substantially less than the custodial parent's income;

  • a property settlement between the parents provides that resources for the child above the minimum support requirements; 

  • the non-custodial parent provides support for other dependents and the guideline amounts would cause hardship; 

  • the non-custodial parent needs a temporary reduction (of no longer than 12 months) in support payments to repay a substantial debt; 

  • the custodial parent provides medical insurance coverage; 

  • the custodial parent receives child support payments for other children and the custodial parents household income is substantially greater than that of the non-custodial parent; and 

  • any other extraordinary factors.

D.C. child support terminates upon the child’s 21st birthday.

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