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Tennessee Alimony

Tennessee alimony or spousal support may be awarded to either spouse, based on the following: 
  • the value of any separate property and the value of the spouses share of any marital property; 

  • whether the spouse seeking alimony is the custodian of a child whose circumstances make it appropriate for that spouse not to seek outside employment; 

  • the need for sufficient education and training to enable the spouse to find appropriate employment;

  • the standard of living during the marriage; 

  • the duration of the marriage; 

  • the comparative financial resources of the spouses, including their comparative earning abilities in the labor market and any retirement, pension, or profit-sharing benefits; 

  • the needs and obligations of each spouse; 

  • the tangible and intangible contributions of each spouse to the marriage, including services rendered in homemaking, child care, and contributions to the education, earning capacity, and career building of the other spouse;

  • the relative education and training of the spouses and the opportunity of each party to secure education and training; 

  • the age of the spouses; 

  • the physical and mental condition of the spouse; 

  • the tax consequences to each spouse; 

  • the usual occupation of the spouses during the marriage; 

  • the vocational skills and employability of the spouse seeking alimony; 

  • the conduct of the spouses during the marriage; and

  • any other factor the court deems just and equitable.

In Tennessee, rehabilitative spousal support is favored. For that reason, payments may include expenses for job training and education. Long-term support may, however, be ordered in proper cases.

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