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OPTIMAL Guest Features


The OPTIMAL system has several features created with your guests in mind, including a Guest Calendar and access to the Guest-version of the Private Message Center.

The Guest Calendar allows people to view your parenting plan and other events for the year. You can also leave notes for each event, both before and after it occurs.

Your Guest Calendar can be set to different levels of security for viewing. You can allow anyone with the correct URL to view it, or you may require guests to enter a password you select, or you may disable viewing of the Guest Calendar altogether so that no one can see it.

guest Guests can leave you a note via the Private Message Center, which works like a miniature email system. The Private Message Center lets you communicate, notify the other parent of last minute changes, etc. Messages are presented in a clear, legible format, and are marked with the time and date they were left.

Guest access to the Private Message Center is at your discretion; you may turn Guest access off without affecting the Guest Calendar.


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