Divorce No Children, gives you basic, easy to understand information, now when you need it.  This book has been written by divorce attorneys for consumers. 

Divorce No Children 

Divorce - No Children

What You Absolutely Must Know


Divorce - No Children, provides you with a single information source on Divorce and Separation issues in an easy-to-read plain English format.  

Information is power.  How do you answer your questions and explore your options before you decide what you want.  Review this divorce book to find out.  Do you really want a divorce?  What about a separation?  Do you want to try mediation or do you want to start with an attorney and the courtroom.

This is a must-have book for everyone considering a divorce or separation.  

To find basic information on the divorce process requires you to spend tremendous amounts of time at your attorneys office, or at the library, or on a number of different web sites. Even then, you may not find reliable answers to your specific questions.  

Why spend hundreds of dollars just to ask an attorney all the questions that are answered in this book?  It's an invaluable resource that can save you stress, time, and most of all, money!

What Are Your Options?

If you obtain the information in our divorce book through consultations with an attorney, you will have tremendous legal bills. It is not unusual for matrimonial attorneys to charge $200 or more per hour. And, a one-hour consultation to answer a few simple questions is a very ineffective and expensive way to obtain information.  A simple ten minute phone call with an attorney can cost you $30 or more.  You will get more information from Divorce - No Children than you could from spending several HOURS with an attorney.  Add up the savings!

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Critical Questions Answered First

Information is power.  You need that information BEFORE you decide what to do and BEFORE you hire an attorney.  You might decide after reading the divorce book, Divorce - No Children, that you want to hire a mediator, not an attorney.  Or, you might want to explore Collaborative Divorce.

Some attorneys answer all of your questions and leave the decisions up to you.  Some attorneys maintain full control over your divorce and provide little guidance.  

YOU make the decisions - if you have the information.  Get your answers to all of your questions from the divorce book, Divorce - No Children, including:

  • What is Mediation, and can you use that process? 

  • What is the difference between Mediation, Arbitration,  Collaborative Divorce, Negotiation and Litigation? 

  •  Is marital fault an issue in awarding custody?

  • Can your spouse get a divorce even if you don't want one?

  • What property do you get to keep?

  • Who gets the house?

  • Is fault an issue in dividing property?

  • How do pension rights get divided?

  • Who gets the credit card debt?

  • How is Alimony calculated?

  • What are the tax aspects of divorce?

  • What should you look for in an attorney?

  • What will a divorce cost you?

  • What about property that you had before your marriage?

  • How do you decide how much the house or business is worth?

  • Take Control of the Process

If you are lucky, your attorney will answer all of your questions.  If you are even luckier, your attorney will answer the questions that you did not even think of asking.  If not, you may end up involved in a process that you did not want, and do not like, and your attorney may be making critical decisions for you.

How do you change that?  Information is power and you need that power to make your decisions.  You get that information in this divorce book.  We ask our clients to educate themselves before beginning any divorce process.  We wrote this book to allow everyone the same opportunity.  Divorce - No Children puts you in the driver's seat. 

YOU decide if you litigate, negotiate or mediate. 

YOU decide what tactics your attorney uses.

YOU learn how to compile information for your attorney without 

spending tremendous sums in attorneys fees.

YOU decide what experts to use and how they get paid.

Plan Your Process

Your attorney should engage in planning and tactics.  Can you get involved in that process?  Absolutely, AND YOU SHOULD.  You can't if you don't know how.  Most people spend more time planning their next outing than they spend planning their Divorce.  DON'T MAKE THAT COSTLY MISTAKE!  Take charge now with this divorce book.  Get the information that you need and set your plan of action and tactics early in the process, BEFORE you spend a dime on attorneys fees.  

State Law Outlines

Included in the divorce book, Divorce - No Children is a complete outline of the laws of every state.  The factors considered in awarding spousal support, granting a divorce, and how property is divided are all contained in Divorce - No Children. 

How Much Does It Cost

Divorce - No Children is a reduced version of our popular book, The Divorce Primer, without information pertaining to Custody and Support. 

The divorce book, The Divorce Primer sells for $29.95. Divorce -No Kids is offered at a reduced price to individuals without custody or child support issues.  The price is $19.95.   That's right, less than the cost of a fifteen minute phone call with an attorney.  We have seen clients billed thousands of dollars to educate themselves through their attorneys for this type of information.  Get it now for a fraction of the cost.

To Order this divorce book, you will be transferred to our secure server.  You will receive instructions to download your copy of Divorce - No Children  after your payment is processed.  Payment may be made by credit card or by check.

Our divorce book is in PDF format.  Anyone can download and read PDF documents, whether you run a Windows operating system, Macintosh, or something else.  If you do not have a current version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, don't worry.  Our download page contains links to Adobe Acrobate Reader and Acrobat EBook Reader.  Both Readers are free of charge and can be run on any computer operating system.

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