Child Support Calculator

A child support calculator is an invaluable tool in a divorce or separation case.  Child support calculations are an important, but often a contentious part of a divorce or separation. Determining an appropriate amount of child support that is agreeable to both parties, and adequately supports the child now and in the future, is an issue that is often the subject of intense disagreement in a divorce or separation.  Using a formal child support calculator can reduce the antagonisms in a case and allow couples to amicably resolve this issue.
Child support calculations differ from state to state because each state has a specific formula for calculating support amounts.  Your child support calculator needs to allow you to access your specific state child support guidelines and formulas to calculate the proper support.

Free Child Support Calculator - State Specific - Unlimited Access

We provide free unlimited access to a web based, interactive Child Support Calculator.  These calculators are state specific and best of all, you can use this tool over and over again.  Plug in different numbers or use the calculators for different states.  You may use these interactive Child Support Calculators as often as you like.

For your no fee, simple child support calculation, click on the following link:

State-Specific Child Support Calculators

 Web Based Child Support Calculator

If you require a more sophisticated child support Calculator, we recommend that you use web based software from Split-UpSplit-Up software provides step by step directions, asks you the questions that need to be answered and best of all, provides you with projections that can run out as far as thirty years.  Split-Up prices start at $39, well below the cost of a half hour consultation with an attorney, and all software comes with an unconditional guarantee and money back policy.  Follow this link to review the software: 


Monthly Fee Child Support Calculator

If you are looking for an easy to use and inexpensive calculator, visit Arrears Calculator Arrears Calculator provides a monthly contract option for their child support calculators, with a monthly fee averaging $14.95.  You receive professional reports and complete calculations.

Arrears Child Support Calculator

Personally Prepared Support Calculations

If you are looking for personal child support calculator service, there is a company -- Divorce Source -- that will provide in-depth service for any state. You will need to provide them with pertinent information such as each parent's income, annual health coverage costs and other information that affects the amount of support as dictated by the particular state you live in. In return, Divorce Source will provide you with a comprehensive report, ranging from five to sixteen pages, that calculates the child support for you, outlines your state child support rules, and explains in detail how your calculation was made. For access to this in-depth child support calculator, click on the link below:

State-Specific In-Depth Support Calculator