Divorce Attorneys and Mediators Get Clients with Millennium Divorce

Every month, millions of consumers visit Divorce related websites.

Consumers are seeking information and looking for Attorneys and other Divorce Professionals to represent them in their family law matters. A recent study indicated that 67% of consumers would conduct a search on the internet for an attorney. While online, they are also seeking information on mediators, private investigators, financial experts, and other Divorce Professionals.  Divorce Professionals who are not advertising on-line are missing out.

As a Family Law Professional, you are particularly well situated to take advantage of internet advertising.

Given the mobile family dynamics of our society, consumers in other states and other countries are in need of your services. The attorneys who created Millennium Divorce experienced a dramatic increase in business after they began to engage in internet advertising. That business came from out of state consumers involved in Family Law proceedings in state and from local consumers who utilize the internet to find Attorneys.

Are you listed?

On-line advertising is quickly replacing yellow pages advertising for Divorce Professionals servicing a mobile society. It is more effective, less expensive, and national in scope. As Divorce Professionals, you will have no choice - to compete you must be present on-line. If you are not, you are passing up the substantial business that is generated through internet advertising.

Why Millennium Divorce?

Millennium Divorce was created by Matrimonial Attorneys and is run by Matrimonial Attorneys who are currently engaged in the practice of Law. We know how to effectively generate business through on-line advertising. We know what consumers are looking for on-line and we know how to drive those consumers to our site and to you. Our daily visits have exceeded more than 30,000 unique consumers.

Millennium Divorce is a site that consumers visit to find information and to reach Divorce Professionals.

Millennium Divorce engages in Paid Advertising, Search Engine Positioning, and Newsletter Publishing to increase and maintain traffic to our site. Let our site do that work for you.

Benefits of a Listing:

  • Name, Address, Phone, and Website Listing in three counties;

  • The opportunity to position yourself in a top advertising slot based upon the order in which your subscription is received for each of your counties;

  • Submission of Articles to the Millennium Divorce Site;

  • Free Web Page to describe your firm and your practice.


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