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South Carolina Alimony

Either party may be awarded spousal support based upon the following factors:
  • the duration of the marriage and the ages of the spouses when married and when divorced;

  • the physical and emotional conditions of the spouses;

  • the educational background of each spouse, and

  • the need of additional training or education to reach the spouse's income potential;

  • the employment history and earning capacity of each spouse;

  • the standard of living during the marriage; the current and expected earnings of each spouse;

  • the marital and separate property of each spouse;

  • the custody of any children and its effect on the ability of the custodial spouse to work full-time;

  • any marital misconduct;

  • any tax consequences; any prior support obligations;

  • current and anticipated expenses and needs of both spouses; and

  • any other relevant factors.

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