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Rhode Island Alimony

Rhode Island alimony or spousal support may may be awarded to either spouse based upon the following factors:
  •  (1) the extent to which either spouse is unable to support him or her self adequately because of their position as primary caretaker of a child whose age, condition, or circumstances make it appropriate that the parent not seek employment outside of the home; 

  • (2) the extent to which either party is unable to support him or her self adequately with consideration of the following factors: 

    • (a) the extent to which a spouse was absent from employment while fulfilling homemaking responsibilities; 

    • (b) the extent to which a spouse's education may have become outmoded and his or her earning capacity diminished: 

    • (c) the time and expense required for a supported spouse to acquire the appropriate education and training to develop marketable skills and become employed; 

    • (d) the probability, given the spouse's age and skills, of completing education and training and becoming self-supporting; 

    • (e) the standard of living during the marriage; 

    • (f) the opportunity for either spouse for the future acquisition of capital assets and income; 

    • (g) the ability of the supporting spouse to pay, taking into consideration the supporting spouse's

      • (i) earning capacity; 

      • (ii) earned and unearned income; 

      • (iii) assets; 

      • (iv) debts; and 

      • (v) standard of living; 

  • the length of the marriage; 

  • the conduct of parties during marriage;

  • the age and health of the parties; 

  • the station, occupation, amount and sources of income; 

  • the vocational skills, the employability of the parties; 

  • the liabilities and needs of each party; and

  • any other factors which are just and proper.

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