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Oregon Divorce Residency Requirements

 To obtain an Oregon divorce, if the parties were not married in the State of Oregon, one of the parties must have been a resident for six months immediately prior to filing. If the marriage was performed in Oregon and either spouse is a resident of Oregon, there is no residency requirement.

Oregon Divorce Grounds:

The grounds for an Oregon divorce are:

  • irreconcilable differences between the spouses which have caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage;

  • consent to marriage that was obtained by fraud or force;

  • minor married without lawful consent; and

  • spouse lacked mental capacity to consent.

Summary Oregon Divorce 

The parties may file for a summary Oregon divorce if:

  • the residency requirements are fulfilled; 

  • There are no minor children and the wife is not pregnant; 

  • the marriage is not over 10 years in length; 

  • neither spouse owns any real estate; 

  • there are no unpaid debts in excess of $15,000 incurred by either or both spouses during the marriage; 

  • the total value of all of the spouse's personal property is less than $30,000, excluding any unpaid balances on loans;

  • the petitioner waives the right to spousal support (alimony); 

  • the petitioner waives the right to any pendente lite orders, except for the prevention of spouse abuse (temporary court orders pending the final divorce); 

  • the petitioner knows of no other pending domestic relations suit in Oregon or any other state.

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