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New Jersey Divorce Residency Requirements

To file for a New Jersey divorce, one of the spouses must be a resident of New Jersey for at least 1 year prior to filing for divorce; or, when the cause for divorce is adultery and took place in New Jersey, one of the spouses must have been a resident (no time limit).

New Jersey Divorce Filing Requirements

A New Jersey divorce may be filed for in any county in New Jersey.

New Jersey Divorce Grounds

The grounds for a New Jersey divorce are as follows:

  • living separate and apart for 18 months and no reasonable prospect of reconciliation;

  • adultery;

  • imprisonment for 18 months;

  • unnatural sexual behavior before or after marriage;

  • alcoholism and/or drug addiction;(6) willful desertion for 1 year;

  • cruel and inhuman treatment;

  • separation for 2 years caused by confinement for mental illness; and

  • extreme cruelty.

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