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Indiana Divorce Residency Requirements

 To file for Indiana divorce, one of the parties must have been a resident of the state for 6 months and the county in which the petition is filed for 3 months immediately prior to filing for divorce.


Indiana Divorce Grounds

The grounds for Indiana divorce are:

  • (1) irretrievable breakdown of the marriage;

  • (2) impotence at time of marriage;

  • (3) conviction of a felony subsequent to the marriage; and

  • (4) incurable mental illness for 2 years.


Expedited Indiana Divorce Procedure

An Indiana divorce may be granted, without a hearing if:

  • 60 days have elapsed since the filing of a petition for dissolution;

  • the petition was verified and signed by both spouses; 

  • the petition contained a written waiver of a final hearing; 

  • the petition contained either:

    a statement that there are no contested issues, or

    that the spouses have made a written agreement in settlement of any contested issues. 

If there are some remaining contested issues, the court may hold a final hearing on those remaining contested issues.


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