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Colorado Divorce Residency Requirement

To obtain a Colorado divorce, one of the parties must have been a State residence for 90 days prior to filing for divorce.

Colorado Divorce Filing Requirements

 The Colorado Divorce papers should be filed in either the county where the non-filing spouse resides or, if the non-filing spouse has been served in the County where the filing spouse resides or is a non-resident of Colorado, in the County where the filing party resides.

Colorado Divorce Grounds

 The only ground for Colorado divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Expedited Colorado Divorce

A Colorado divorce can be obtained by an Affidavit of both parties or just one spouse if: 

  • there are no unemancipated children and none are expected or if both spouses have attorneys and have entered into a Separation Agreement addressing custody and child support; 

  • the parties have no marital property or the parties have agreed upon a division of any existing marital property; 

  • there are no issues in dispute; and 

  • the non-filing party has been served with the divorce papers.

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