Online Divorce Advice On The Internet

By Staff Writer

If you're wondering what divorce advice is available online, be sure to go to our recommended website for a sample of the tremendous resources on the Internet. An online legal divorce site can start your divorce process by giving you the correct forms from your home state and allowing you to file with the court online. You can get all the forms you will need for divorce and separation, child custody and child support.

Online Divorce Advice & Legal Articles
Your online site will be a reference resource, with full descriptions of each state law concerning divorce, property settlement, alimony, and child custody. You can read divorce articles written by prominent attorneys from every state on how to protect your rights and the rights of your child. You can order fact-filled books on divorce, child custody and parenting.

Free child support calculators will be on the recommended site to compute your child support figure in your home state. Calculators are also available to evaluate your mortgage, to figure your cash flow after separation, to figure out debt consolidation or credit card payments, and to understand your debt to income ratio. Charts will compare divorce law in all 50 states.

You can find online divorce advice from attorneys that you can contact through the website. You can also contact private investigators if you think you need help discovering your spouse's hidden assets. There are software programs available to discover your spouse's Internet use, and to reveal his or her full history. Your divorce resource website will have links to informational government sites as well. Be sure to avail yourself of all the help and support you will receive from a professional legal website.