Joint Child Custody

By Staff Writer

If you're divorced with children, you know it's up to you to make joint child custody work. The most important quality you can cultivate with your ex-spouse is communication. Unfortunately, that may have been your weak point if you are now divorced. So you will both have to put a tremendous effort into getting along in a joint child custody situation, so that your children will not be emotionally harmed by fighting or resentment.

Joint Child Custody--Support Each Other!
It's important to support one another as parents. Don't let your kids play one of you against the other to get what they want. Don't give in to bad-mouthing or criticizing your ex relentlessly, because it will simply cause tension and unhappiness in your children. Show some respect for your ex-spouse and his or her parenting style, even if you don't feel it--it will go a long way to smooth out your children's own feelings about their new routine.

This will be a time which will require you to develop new parenting skills. Both of you will essentially be single parents, and it will mean a different lifestyle, a different approach, a different outlook. The best thing you can do for your kids is to take the changes in stride.

The most important thing to remember in joint child custody is to respect your child's needs. Allow your child to have a regular routine and reliable schedule. Your child will be thrown off by too much unpredictability in his life. Encourage school activities and friends, and put the spotlight on your child's developing life. Emphasize the future, not the past. Many websites can help you with joint parenting. Be sure to avail yourself of all the resources available on recommended websites.