Family Divorce Law

By Staff Writer

A divorce attorney should be well versed in family divorce law. If you are considering divorce and separation, and you think a no-fault divorce is not going to work for you, then you should find an attorney to represent you. Recommended websites can provide you with an attorney.

When Should You Hire an Attorney?
You should consider hiring an attorney if you and your spouse have young children. Even if you believe the divorce will be uncontested, there may be issues of child custody, child support and alimony which may create dissension. It's better to work these things out with professional guidance to get a road map for the future.

You should also consider hiring an attorney if you and your spouse have many assets, if you own and operate a business together, or if you have a heavy debt load. If you own your own business and your spouse has been an employee or dependent on that business, you will need legal divorce help. If you believe your spouse has been hiding assets, your attorney may advise hiring a private investigator to get the financial facts before going to court.

Does Family Divorce Law Protect You From Abuse?
If your spouse has been physically or emotionally abusive, you definitely need an attorney. Sometimes abuse may simply be of the nature of threats, such as "You'll never get the kids" or "You'll never get a dime of my money". Don't underestimate this verbal abuse; your attorney may use it as proof which will grant you significant alimony or custody advantages. State divorce laws will protect you and your children from further visitations of an abusive spouse; a family divorce law attorney will help you get a restraining order, and the judge may limit future visitations to supervised visits, or eliminate them altogether.