Divorce Resource: The Internet

By Staff Writer

If you are seeking a divorce, you will find that the Internet is your best divorce resource. Recommended websites will be invaluable in helping you understand your rights under the law. You'll be able to find your state's specific legal requirements for divorce and separation.

Divorce Resource on the Web
Divorce and custody law vary by state also. A good website will give you complete state by state information. You'll be able to find divorce forms on recommended websites, so that you can actually begin the process of your own divorce without an expensive attorney.

A good divorce resource on the web should provide other important information, such as calculators to help you figure out your child support needs. You'll also need calculators for other financial issues, namely debt calculation, debt to income ratios, cash flow, credit card payments, and life insurance. Charts should be available to compare laws in different states on child support, alimony, and divorce.

Recommended legal websites will help you find an attorney, should you decide that you need one. Websites are also a reliable source for detectives, should you need a private investigator to discover your spouse's hidden assets or illicit behavior. There are many sites which can give you information about government resources, family law matters, alternatives to litigation, and tax matters. Be sure to check the recommended divorce website for all these informational links.