Online Divorce Help?

By Staff Writer

Get Divorce Help on the Internet
Divorce help can come from many sources now. Divorce information and professional advice are as near as your computer, with reliable, fact-filled sites to lead you through every step of divorce and separation. Recommended websites will have divorce kits with divorce forms which you can file over the Internet, references to family law attorneys at the click of a mouse, and important charts detailing state divorce laws and child support calculators.

No-Fault Divorce
The trend in most states is towards no fault divorce. With this kind of divorce, you do not need grounds for divorce. That means that one spouse doesn't have to be the bad guy, and all the dirty laundry comes out in open court. Uncontested divorce is a quick process which aims to be as painless as humanly possible.

Uncontested divorce is usually much less expensive as well. Each hour with your attorney costs you a lot of money, and if both spouses have attorneys and are preparing for a court trial, the family unit will suffer a tremendous loss of income. It's hard enough to pay for two households instead of one, and deal with the costs of separation. Therefore no-fault divorce has become the way to go if there are no unresolved issues.

Check your state divorce laws when you're getting Divorce Help, because some states require a period of legal separation before initiating a no-fault divorce. In some states, the court will recognize a no-fault divorce, but will examine fault when issues of child support and alimony are decided. It's important to check your state's law before walking out on your spouse. In some states, this can be construed as abandonment, and you could put yourself in a very disadvantageous position if your case ends up being decided in family court. You also may run the risk of forfeiting your legal right to your share of the marital assets.