Discovering The Divorce Kit: Do They Help?

By Staff Writer

Divorce kits are becoming frequently available from a variety of sources and considered by many to be a quick and cost-effective way to end their marriage. These kits usually provide instructions for obtaining a divorce in a particular state and contain pre-printed forms for you to fill out and file with the Court. Often, these kits are sold with the promise of quick and easy results.

The kits can be obtained from a variety of on-line sources as well as in book stores and other specialty shops. If you are considering purchasing such a kit, you should be forewarned; the process is all too often not as quick and easy as it may seem. In most states, there are different divorce forms which must be filed for different purposes. Divorce kits typically provide all of the forms which you could ever possibly need, many of which may be unnecessary in your particular case. Determining what forms must be filed is just the first challenge.

Because the forms contained in divorce kits are legal documents, many find them confusing to decipher and fill-out. If you fail to include particular information, or fill out a section incorrectly, the Clerk could reject your papers. Many describe a tortuous and time consuming experience of filling out and filing the forms several times before they are finally accepted by the Court Clerk. In larger counties, you may have to wait weeks before learning that the Clerk has rejected your papers.

Properly completing and filing the paperwork are not the only challenges associated with trying to obtain a divorce by using divorce kits. You must also adhere to the applicable legal requirements such as residency, service of the papers and filing deadlines. These requirements may not be apparent from the instructions in the divorce kit and, if not complied with, will result in the rejection of your papers or worse, the denial of your divorce.

Divorce kits are an effective option for some. If you are considering purchasing such a kit, you should be careful. The quality of the kits vary greatly. Before making a purchase, you should carefully research all of your options. If, after you purchase the kit you find that it is confusing, you should obtain the assistance of an attorney to help properly fill out and file the papers.