Divorce and Separation

By Staff Writer

Divorce and separation are two different states as recognized by the law. Separation is an important step before seeking a divorce. If you are thinking of separating, you should consult a family law attorney or divorce website to find out the laws governing legal separation in your state.

There are two types of separation; an informal separation and a legal separation. Couples who separate informally simply opt to live apart. This is for couples who are undecided about divorce, and want a trial period to think about whether or not reconciliation is possible.

Requirements for Divorce And Separation
Legal separation is for couples who have no plans for reconciliation and who wish to make a first step towards permanent divorce. This legal separation is formalized with a legally binding separation agreement. A separation agreement is often required as one of the documents in a divorce proceeding.

Separation agreements spell out issues of financial obligations, child custody and visitation, mortgage restructuring and asset division. A well-thought out separation agreement that is agreed upon by both sides is the best prelude to an uncontested divorce. Divorce and separation can be fairly and calmly negotiated, and this benefits both parents and children.