Divorce Advice

By Staff Writer

If you are seriously considering separation or divorce, you need a reliable source of divorce advice. The Internet now has sites which are tremendously helpful, which will enable you to think through your divorce and separation plans, find an attorney, and understand your own state divorce laws. These sites also have links to other informational and self-help sites. Be sure to go to our recommended site for up-to-date information.

Divorce Advice--When Is It Time To Leave?
In the old days, couples tended to "stick it out" for the sake of the children. Now, psychologists have found that the level of tension and unhappiness in such a marriage actually does more harm to the kids than separation. Do you have some of these "red flags" in your marriage?

Do you feel your spouse can't do anything right anymore? Do you feel more like roommates than lovers? Do you find that you avoid time together, and when you are together, you have little or nothing to say?

Or your relationship may have escalated to the point where fights and arguments are daily events. Perhaps one or both of you has already initiated another relationship. It's especially important to make separation plans immediately if the arguments have turned into physical abuse. In all of these cases, you know that you need divorce advice. It's time to come out of denial and make some solid plans for your future. Take the initiative now, and spare you and your children lasting harm and regret!