DIY Divorce Papers

By: Sara Jenkins

DIY Divorce Papers are easy to be filled. It is a sole responsibility of the parties involved to fill up the papers in such divorces. You can always get the necessary packet of divorce papers by going to a bookstore or office supply store, or by using an On-Line Service. These services allow you to order or download the necessary papers. You may be able to get the necessary papers for free from your county court too.

You should file for divorce in the county in which you reside. After you've obtained the necessary DIY Divorce Papers, the next step in pursuing your Divorce is to file papers with your Local Court. The type of Court you file your Divorce depends on the state you reside in. These papers would typically include a petition for Divorce. This petition will generally ask you for information about you, your spouse, your children, and your financial assets.

Your divorce papers including a petition will need to be notarized. And in addition to the petition, you will have a number of other forms to fill out. These vary from state to state. Once you've filed your petition and paid a filing fee, the court will issue a summon informing your spouse that you have filed for divorce. Alternately, in some states, you may be responsible for sending paperwork to your spouse, which your spouse will then sign, notarize, and return.

To complete your DIY Divorce Papers, a paralegal, or a legal document assistant can help you to prepare the necessary legal forms. You should always seek references before you hire a paralegal for filing your divorce. Even your County Court may have a facilitator, available to give you a free advice.

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