Child Custody Evaluation

By Staff Writer

If you are seeking primary custody of your child, you'll want to know the guidelines for the child custody evaluation that you will have to undergo. However, these guidelines change from state to state. You'll be able to find these guidelines from your attorney, your state family court, or recommended websites.

Child Custody Evaluations Vary in Different States
Some states put a high priority on the wishes of the child. In Illinois, it is a key factor. Other states do not regard the child as a reliable decision-maker. States such as Alabama weigh the well-being and safety of the child over any preference the child might have.

States such as Michigan will evaluate the parents very closely, and will want evidence of moral habits, alcohol or drug use, church affiliation and family support system. Louisiana puts the focus much more on the child's needs, and then uses the child custody evaluation to see which parent can satisfy them best.

In California and Indiana, the child's preference predominates. However in Indiana, that preference is mitigated somewhat by the child's age. So you can see that winning child custody is a different ball game in every state. You will need accurate and up-to-date divorce information on your state's child custody preferences, and this information can be found on the Internet.