Child Custody Battle

By Staff Writer

Child custody battles can be avoided through divorce mediation. A mediator may help you and your spouse work through emotional and potentially damaging issues without involving your children in a court trial. Mediators have a full knowledge of your state's child custody laws, and will be able to legally implement your agreement once it is reached.

A mediator will help you and your spouse clarify the issues and concentrate on problem-solving rather than escalating the dissension. Paid attorneys sometimes have an agenda in prolonging enmity in order to rack up fees. A mediator is paid to resolve, not inflame, issues.

Remember, every time you are on the phone to your lawyer, it costs you money. Child Custody Battles fought in court can leave emotional scars that will last the rest of your life. Yet a protracted court battle will only enrich your lawyers.

Child Custody Battles Solved Through Collaborative Law
A new approach that has gained popularity in the last five years is a process known as collaborative law. You, your spouse, and your respective attorneys (who must be trained in the collaborative law process) will sit down to hammer out the issues and reach an amicable agreement. After they bring you to an agreement on the contested areas of your divorce, such as child custody issues, your divorce is filed.