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Attorney Information

Barton R. Resnicoff has been in practice for 25+ years focusing on Matrimonial and Family Law. His practice is located in Great Neck, New York.

In May, 1996, the National Board of Trial Advocacy certified Mr. Resnicoff as a Family Law Trial Specialist. The National Board of Trial Advocacy was founded to establish objective standards to measure experience and expertise. It requires an exhaustive screening of credential including documentation of experience, judicial and peer references and an exam. In addition to his board certification, he has handled a significant number of appeals and have twenty reported decisions from these appeals.


Legal Services

Barton R. Resnicoff has limited his practice to Family and Matrimonial Law matters for over 25 years.


Attorney Biography

Barton Resnicoff is an active member of many organizations. He is a member of the Queens County Bar Association, and a Past Chair of its Family Law Committee; Nassau County Bar Association, and a pst co-chair of the Custody Subcommittee of its Matrimonial Law Committee; the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, and a past chair of its Child Support and Marital Property Committees; and the New York State Bar Association's Family Law Section. Lisa M. Williams is an associate with the firm and has worked, both as a law student and attorney, with Mr. Resnicoff for over three years. She has limited her practice to matrimonial and family law matters and is active with the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, the Family Law Committee of the Queens County Bar Association and the Matrimonial Law Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association.

Mr. Resnicoff has been a lecturer at Hofstra University on post-divorce problems. He has also published three articles for the Family Law Review of the New York State Bar Association, as well as articles for the Queens Bar Bulletin and the Nassau Lawyer.

Mr. Resnicoff is a divorced father with a teenage daughter. He has been remarried for over fifteen years and has two stepsons in their thirties and a grandson. He feels that having gone through the divorce process on a personal level, as well as having two stepchildren, the experience has been a very important teaching tool in understanding the process from the client’s veiwpoint and what the process of divorce and post-divorce can present.


Attorney Contact

Barton R. Resnicoff, Esq.
287 Northern Boulevard
Great Neck, New York 11021