Oregon Speedy Separation

People often ask if an Oregon "Speedy Separation" is a possibility. It absolutely is - when both of the parties commit to make the process work. An Oregon "Speedy Separation" cannot be accomplished whenever one party is determined to hold the process up. Like every other state, Oregon mandates set rules that have to be adhered to in order to obtain a separation. There is just no avoiding this fact.

Clients often ask, in what way could one party stall an Oregon "Speedy Separation"? By litigating matters that would normally need to be agreed upon,  including fault divorce, or by disputing matters such as (a) what way to divide the assets, (b) who the children will reside with and how parenting time will be divided, and (c) how much and under what circumstances spousal support has to be given.

All matters that have to be determined in advance of getting an Oregon "Speedy Separation" has the potential to turn into a point of contention.  And so, if either party would like to halt a "Speedy Separation", it can be accomplished.

Then again, all of these matters can also be stipulated on. When both parties desire to enter into an Oregon "Speedy Separation", you have to agree on all of the outstanding issues and the continue the process to obtain an Oregon "Speedy Separation". So, the first matter that the parties will have to settle is if the parties want to consent to work out their issues and enter into an Oregon "Speedy Separation".

After you both concur that you would like to work to obtain an Oregon "Speedy Separation", The two of you must establish how you will get the papers done and filed. A common way to accomplish that may be to retain a single attorney to represent you and your spouse and have that attorney complete the necessary papers. Some people are not comfortable with having only one lawyer and prefer independent guidance from another lawyer. Likewise, it is not uncommon to hire two attorneys and ask one to write up the necessary separation documents and then arrange for the other attorney review and approve the papers.

An alternative method for parties to get an Oregon "Speedy Separation" is to have an online divorce or separation forms service write up your legal papers. You can select an online divorce or separation forms service from those available and they will be able to complete the papers essential the obtain an Oregon "Speedy Separation".  One benefit to using this type of service, if you so choose, you and your spouse will be confident in knowing  that you will be receiving Separation papers that are definitely applicable to the state of Oregon.

If you decide to utilize an online divorce or separation forms service to handle the papers for your Oregon "Speedy Separation", you are going to have to locate a service provider from the three different types available. One type of online divorce or separation forms service will simply send you all of the required blank forms for a Oregon separation. Those blank forms should be sent with accompanied by detailed instructions on how to complete them, however, these papers will have to be completed by you and your spouse with very little guidance and assistance.

A second type of service is an online divorce or separation "total form completion" service. This type of service directs that both parties fill out a questionnaire regarding the facts and circumstances of your marriage and impending separation. Then, this type of forms service would complete all of the separation forms for you and mail them to you with explicit instructions explaining how to docket the papers with the proper venue.

A third type of online divorce or separation forms service is a "total" service and sometimes is provided by a law firm. This type of online divorce or separation forms service will mandate that you and your spouse fill out questionnaires, after which, the service will produce of the necessary papers, obtain all of the countersignatures from both parties, and then this type of service will file the paper that are required. This type of service provider is often a bit more pricy than the other types because you are paying all of the required court fees to the service company so they will be able to file the necessary paperwork. With the first two types of services, all of the court filing fees are paid by you directly, because you are filing the papers with the courts.