Arkansas Speedy Divorce

People often ask whether a Arkansas "Speedy Divorce" is attainable. Sure it is - as long as both parties want to work together in order to expedite the process. An Arkansas "Speedy Divorce" just will not be accomplished when one party works to litigate. Similar to other states, Arkansas has set requirements and rules that have to be adhered before a divorce is granted. There is no way to avoid this.

Some people ask, how is it possible for just one of the parties hold up an Arkansas "Speedy Divorce"? By arguing about matters that require the parties to agree upon, like fault, or by choosing to litigate matters including (a) what assets to divide, (b) what the parents will do about custody and the visitation schedule, or (c) how much and under what circumstances maintenance has to be remitted to the spouse.

All of the issues that must be settled before you can finalize an Arkansas divorce can also be argued about. And so, if your spouse wants to prevent a "Speedy Divorce", that is possible.

Nevertheless, every one of your family law issues may also be agreed and stipulation upon. If both parties are resolved to get an Arkansas Divorce, they must agree on all of the outstanding issues in order to obtain an Arkansas "Speedy Divorce". And thus the first issue that they need to agree upon is whether both parties can work together and consent to obtain an Arkansas "Speedy Divorce".

Once both parties resolve that they will get an Arkansas "Speedy Divorce", they are then required to determine how you will get the forms completed, served and filed. A commonly used option is to hire one attorney for both parties and to have the attorney complete all the necessary forms. Some clients do not like the idea of having only one attorney and wish to have individual guidance from an independently retained attorney. It is likewise not unusual to hire two lawyers and ask one of them to prepare all of the divorce forms that will be required and arrange to have the other lawyer review and approve those documents.

A different method to obtain an Arkansas "Speedy Divorce" is to utilize one of the internet divorce or separation forms services to prepare all of the documents are necessary. If you engage such a divorce service, you and your spouse can be assured you are getting divorce papers that are applicable to the state of Arkansas.

If you decide you want to use an internet divorce or separation forms service to take care of your Arkansas "Speedy Divorce", you will need to choose one service out of the three different services available. One type of internet divorce or separation forms service will simply mail you the legal paperwork for an Arkansas divorce. The legal paperwork will be accompanied by instructions for how to finish them, however, you and your spouse will need to complete the paperwork yourself with very little assistance.

Another type of internet divorce or separation forms service is the "total forms preparation" service provider. This type of service provider will require that you fill out questionnaires in regard to your current situation and proposed agreements. Then, this particular type of internet divorce or separation forms service would complete all of the required Arkansas divorce paperwork for you and remit the papers to you with instructions on how to submit the documents to the proper venue.

The third type of internet divorce or separation forms service is the "full" service forms service. This type of service is often offered by attorneys. This type of internet divorce or separation forms service requires that the parties fill in questionnaires to allow for the service to complete the necessary paperwork, acquire all of the necessary endorsements from you and your spouse, and then this type of service will file the papers will the courts. This type of divorce service is often significantly more expensive than the other types simply because you must actually pay the necessary filing fees to the service provider and they will file the divorce forms. With the first two kinds of internet divorce or separation forms services you can utilize, because you file all of the forms with the courts, you must remit the filing fees directly to the courts.