Child Custody Legal Forms

By Staff Writer

Child custody legal forms are available on recommended websites. There are a variety of child custody forms. Here are some of the forms you may need.

Types of Child Custody Legal Forms
If you seek to establish paternity, you will need court forms. You can file a petition to get an order of child custody, visitation rights or child support. In some states, the proof of paternity must be followed with diligent child support in order to be allowed visitation rights.

If both you and your partner agree on your paternity, then the court will issue a consent decree. Forms and instructions are available to apply for this decree. If you simply wish to establish paternity but make no claims for custody or child support, this is called voluntary paternity, and has a separate form for the court.

If your spouse has primary custody but is behaving erratically, or is asking you to take over custody of your child, you can apply to the court for temporary custody. Temporary custody papers will allow you custody until the situation can be reviewed by the court and a more permanent solution found. There are also emergency temporary orders available. All of these child custody legal forms can be found on the Internet.